Care​ers that leave a legacy

Our work has been a part of people’s daily routines for more than eight decades. We have created structures you pass by all the time: houses and buildings, highways, stadiums, major infrastructures and many other places. These buildings that are part of the lives of thousands of people and will continue to be present in the lives of many future generations.

​We believe that everything valuable should last – and last a long time. This is why we invest heavily in building teams that grow together and, in turn, help the company grow and prosper through actions inspired by our values and beliefs.

​​We recognize people who feel accountable for their decisions, and we value leaders who build diversified, engaged teams.

If you believe in lasting ca​reers, join us.

People Development​

Our success is sustained by a strong, committed team which puts the company’s values and beliefs into p​ractice. This is why quality in managing people is one of the company’s strategic drivers. The Votorantim Development System (SDV in the Portuguese acronym) was designed especially to promote, sustain and accelerate employee development based on appraising their performance and their growth potential. ​​​