Why should you join us​?

We offer modern compensation, benefits and career plan practices.

We are a young multinational since 2001, we have been undergoing an internationalization process which has resulted in operations in 11 countries and an outstanding position in the global building market. We are currently one of the eighth biggest companies in the sector worldwide.

Day after day, we build global processes underpinned by an expertise attained during over 80 years and continually inspired by that which we do best in each market we operate in. Constantly learning in this new venture which is the challenge of building a multinational.

In 2050:


We are part of a sector that is fundamental in a world lacking in infrastructure

This transformation will lead to enormous infrastructure demands and major issues for our industry. The global challenges of urban growth and climate change will be the main strategic drivers of the construction business in the coming decades, and it will be up to companies like ours, industry leaders, to ensure they have the best talent to devise the best solutions for all these challenges.

We believe in everything that is made to last

We are here for the long term. The consistency of our results means that we are one of the few companies in the sector recognized as Investment Grade by the three major global risk classification agencies – Fitch, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

This solidity is one of the reasons for our belief that everything worthwhile should last – and a long time.

For this reason we aim to grow sustainably, offering eco-efficient and innovative materials and services; doing business ethically and transparently; providing an inspiring, healthy and safe work environment where people may develop; and supporting the communities in which we operate so that they may also prosper.

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