Developing People

We have a great team and we provide it with the best tools for continuous development.​

Our success is sustained by a strong, committed team which puts the company’s values and beliefs into practice. This is why quality in managing people is such a priority for us: we believe it is indispensable to offer our team the tools it needs to continue developing.

The Votorantim Development System (SDV in the Portuguese acronym) was created precisely for this reason. It is a set of actions which promote, sustain and accelerate employee development.​

One of the tools is the Assessment Cycle, which evaluates employee performance and growth prospects. The process results in an Individual Development Plan which, among other important points, indicates the training the employee needs to continue to grow.

But the Assessment Cycle is just one of the techniques used in the Development System. We encourage our employees to expand their potential and provide them with an overview of the company by means of interchanges between areas, within or outside their business unit or country.​