a​nd Decoratio​​n

Featured Suppliers in Construction
Mortar-laying/ceramic/porcelain flooring (2017)

Votorantim Cimentos was chosen for the quality of its products or services, meeting demands, receptivity of the brand, experience and specialization

Top of Mind / Brands from Rio Grande
Cement – Votoran (2017)

Votorantim Cimentos was chosen by the Amanhã Group as one of the Top of Mind brands from Rio Grande

Top of Mind / Revenda & Construção Magazine
1st Limestone / Cement 2nd Mortar (2017)

Votorantim Cimentos once again won the Top of Mind Award from Revenda & Construção Magazine as one of the top of mind brands in several categories No representative

Anuário Época NEGÓCIOS
360º (2014/2015)

Building and Decoration Materials – Votorantim Cimentos Brazil


Exame Magazine Melhores e Maiores (Biggest and Best)Award (2014/2015)

Construction Industry–Votorantim Cimentos BR


Anuário Valor 1000 maiores (1000 biggest Annual)

Largest building and decoration materials company – Votorantim Cimentos Brazil

Prêmio Executivo de Valor da revista Valor Econômico (Valued Executive) (2015)

Renowned executive in Construction Industry in 2014.


Dr. Clemente Greco
Best Cement Engineering Award (2017)

Primavera Plant project


Dr. Clemente Greco
Innovation, Environmental or Cement Sustainability Project (2017)

Use of black mud (Caron plant tailing) from VM Niquelândia as “class E” pozzolan


Dr. Clemente Grecco Award (2016)

The Best Innovation, Environmental or Sustainability Cement Project


National Innovation Award (2015)

Porto Velho unit in Brazil for pozolanic cement production.


Ontario Concrete Awards
Material Development and Innovation, Structural Design Innovation, Sustainable Concrete Construction e Institutional Building – St Marys and CBM in Canada

St Marys and CBM no Canadá


Company of the Year in the Mineral Sector
Aggregates and other construction minerals (2017)

Criteria evaluated: a) Growth policy – investments in new projects or expansions; b) Technological innovations or modernizations; c) Environmental policy – compatibility of the production activity with the conservation of the environment; d) Human resources policy and community relations.

Best of Metro
Household (2017)

Launch of new cement portfolio – one type of cement for each type of construction project.


Executivo de Valor (“Valued Executive”) in the Construction Industry (2017)

Walter Dissinger was elected for the third time the “Valued Executive” in the Construction Industry in the 17th Executivo de Valor Awards, presented by the Valor Econômico newspaper. The award recognizes the best business managers in Brazil, in 23 economic sectors.

Tax Record Holder Award

Yozgat na Turquia

Award under TOP 10 ASSESSEES Category by Office of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax, Government of India

Shree Digvijay Cement na India

Excellence in