Compliance Program

At Votorantim Cimentos, we believe that being ethical means doing what is right even when no one is looking. It means choosing the right path, even if it is the longest and the hardest. For us, this is the only acceptable path.

That is why Our VC Way and our Code of Conduct reinforce our commitment to compliance. We expect our employees, at all levels, from operations to management, shareholders and partners, to follow the guidelines of our Code of Conduct and to comply with all laws, regulations and policies in all regions and countries where we operate. The combination of an objective culture and processes ensures that we conduct our businesses in an honest, ethical and sustainable manner.

We are continuously pursuing best practices, encouraging the fight against corruption and highlighting the damage caused by it in the political, economic and social spheres. In this way, we promote the breadth and relevance of compliance among customers, employees, leaders, shareholders, suppliers, partners, government, media and community, thereby protecting and preserving value for society and, consequently, for our company.

At Votorantim Cimentos, we forbid any payment (as a bonus or as a way to facilitate or offer any incentive) to public officials or government authorities for any purpose; this includes contributions in the form of cash, goods or services to campaigns or political causes, as well as receiving and offering gifts, entertainment, hospitality and institutional invitations. Everyone must always respect the guidelines included in our Code of Conduct.

Since 2013, we have maintained a Compliance Program that includes communication campaigns and training for all employees and directors; we monitor the program's effectiveness and take the necessary measures in cases of infractions or negligence. In addition, we encourage people to report any suspected wrongdoing through our Ethics Line and do not tolerate any kind of retaliation. This public channel, available to everyone inside and outside the organization, is a safe way to file complaints confidentially and anonymously. All cases are verified and managed in accordance with internal policies and current legislation.

Our programs and policies are constantly evolving to solidify good practices and to help us adapt to changes in our society.

Ethics Line

Our Ethics Line is a public channel, open to everyone inside and outside the organization. Its purpose is to identify, listen, analyze and resolve any issue related to our Code of Conduct. The management of the Ethics Line ensures privacy and confidentiality—no information obtained through the channel, nor the identities of the people involved, become public. The Ethics Line ensures that complaints, suggestions and criticisms are handled at the appropriate levels within the organization.

The Ethics Line is an exclusive communication channel between you and Votorantim Cimentos. Its purpose is to address issues related to the Code of Conduct, which includes the principles and guidelines that govern Votorantim's relationships with all its stakeholders and ensures that complaints, suggestions and criticisms will be handled by the appropriate area within the organization.

Compliance Program

  • Strong commitment with Our Way of Being, Working and Thriving.
  • Highly committed to the best practices determined by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Structured compliance program updated annually and including initiatives that lead to transparent and responsible business behavior.
  • SOX monitoring since 2010.
  • Compliance monitoring and assessment continuously focused on prevention.
  • Ethics and compliance training available through the global portal to employees in all units.
  • Ombudsman channel available to all employees and stakeholders.

Code of Conduct