We are a sustainable building materials and solutions company. With almost a century of history, we seek growth through solutions and initiatives that generate a positive impact for the company and society.

We are a company made up of people who do, believe and build—always together and with excellence, to go further and further. We form a single team—from the North to the South of Brazil—that dialogues and works together with our customers. We continuously nurture our ability to win and grow, delivering sustainable results.

Our journey is one of courage, of moving and supporting lives and careers. Since our creation, we have renewed our plans and commitments to people and the country on a daily basis. We are a team willing to dream and fight for what we want to build. We believe in uncompromising, ethical and direct exchange. We are honest with our teams and ourselves, evaluating each step with confidence and truth. And our realization begins with the transformation of the lives of our customers, our people and each one of us.

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