A major producer and supplier of building materials for new construction and infrastructure improvements.

Our operations in the country started in 2001 and today include two well-established brands, St Marys Cement and Canada Building Materials (CBM).

St Marys Cement has been supplying cement to the region for more than 100 years. Customers across Ontario also know CBM for its specialized concrete mixes and high-quality aggregates. McInnis Cement, in Quebec, is now part of Votorantim Cimentos and has been integrated into our North American operations, operating as part of St Marys Cement. Together, St Marys Cement and CBM are well-regarded brands, recognized as leading suppliers of building materials as part of Votorantim Cimentos' global operations. Operating as part of the North American region of Votorantim Cimentos (VCNA), St Marys Cement comprises world-class cement plants and an extensive distribution network that leverages water, roads and railways to transport cement to supply markets across the entire Great Lakes region, Eastern Canada and the Northeastern seaboard of the United States. VCNA's approximately 40 ready-mix concrete and aggregates sites in Canada supply provide to support local construction projects across the region. Our products in Canada include cement, concrete, aggregates (stone, sand and gravel) and agricultural limestone.

Together, our North American businesses help us to deliver on Votorantim Cimentos' mission to provide sustainable solutions that make a positive long-term impact on people and our planet.

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