​VC Connect Program

As a way to increasingly develop our innovation ecosystem, we see the need to attract external partners to help us find solutions to the current and future challenges of our business.

More than a specific project, with a start and completion date, our objective is to maintain a continuous flow of solutions for the most varied topics within Votorantim Cimentos and its business areas. With this goal in mind, we designed the VC Connect Program, which includes several challenges to connect employees, suppliers and other industries, government agencies, startups, investment funds, research centers and universities in search of assertive, agile and cost-effective proposals for the challenges faced by our company.

One of the results of the first cycle of VC Connect was the VC Maps platform, which introduced to the company a new concept of digital monitoring, resulting in operational cost optimization, excellence in data automation, maintenance of mineral assets and conservation of forest areas. The new model performs predictive analyses to monitor the mineral, real estate and environmental assets, anticipating risks using variables obtained through artificial intelligence algorithms—which multiply as the database stored in the cloud grows.

Learn about all the challenges on the VC Connect website: https://www.votorantimcimentos.com.br/vc-connect/

Industry 4.0

In an increasingly competitive construction market, with more demanding customers in search of sustainable solutions, we see in Industry 4.0 a great differential edge to continue our history of innovation in a much faster and comprehensive way, to ensure the continuity of our business and, above all, to leave a legacy that we will all be proud of.

With that in mind, we are developing Spectrum, a predictive maintenance program to monitor the behavior of machines in real time and anticipate possible failures as well as the impact of malfunctions/unplanned interruptions on our production process.

Digital Platform

In this area, we are focused on developing new businesses and products that can add value to the brand by meeting the specific needs of different customers and by being, from an environmental standpoint, more sustainable. Backed by technology, we seek to innovate in the way we relate to our customers, expanding contact points (web, telephone), while always striving to improve their experience with Votorantim Cimentos.

- VC Online e-commerce portal: our portal receives more than half of the orders placed in Brazil, proving the effectiveness of this channel in the process of facilitating the acquisition of our products. It also includes the VC Online app, now even more functional and intuitive for use in smartphones, which was very well received by the market. At the end of 2017, we also launched the Pague Flex solution, which offers customers exclusive terms for payments in installments as a way to improve working capital, especially among small retailers.

- Engemix website: With new a design, content and simplified flow to improve the processing of estimate requests, the Engemix website holds all the information about our concrete market.

- Mapa da Obra website (Map of the construction site): comprised of a web portal and a YouTube channel, it provides information about our products and services, as well as news about the construction market. Since 2014, our sales team in Brazil has also been relying on tablets and apps to support our digital strategy, streamline customer visits and increase team productivity, as well as to consolidate a single database.

- Do-It-Yourself Strategy: We promote content about various applications of cement, mortar and other items in our portfolio to digital influencers and end consumers. Aired mainly on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, the videos include educational messages on how to use our products in small repairs and renovations and in decoration projects.

- Obra Fácil App (“Easy Construction” app): developed to assist construction workers, the app enables users to calculate the amount of materials needed for a project, access the VC product catalog, ask questions about the application of each product, set up an automatic budget, and manage the work schedule. The app is available for free download on Android and IOS platforms.

- EGX App: as a way to optimize time, operate more transparently and increase excellence in our operations, we combined tools such as GPS, geolocation and real-time tracking to monitor our concrete mixers and enable the control of productivity and service efficiency online.

Market Place

Implemented in VCBR’s Procurement area to facilitate the relationship with our suppliers, all purchase demands are shared with invited suppliers, who can submit their proposals directly through the system. The buyer receives a comparative map detailing both the offered price and other issues such as taxes, payment terms, delivery conditions, etc. The implemented modules enable both one-time purchase of low-cost items and larger engineering and contracting bids. On the vendor side, the system provides better relationship management by concentrating all important information on a single portal, including open offers and purchase orders, information on pending deliveries, performed services and follow up of payment processes.