What innovation means to us

Innovation has always been part of our DNA. We have a legacy of reinvention and entrepreneurship. We develop projects that impact our daily lives.

Innovation is in our plants, offices, distribution centers—in all our units. We look at our materials and minerals and pursue new possibilities. We turn challenges into opportunities.

We want to build an ambidextrous organization—one that delivers exceptional everyday results with one hand while creating the future with the other.

To start, we have already defined what innovation means to us:

It is paving the future of civil construction in a simple, fast and sustainable way.

And we chose important territories to focus our efforts on:

  • Tirelessly support the performance of retailers.
  • Pursue solutions that can help maximize the productivity of construction projects through new products, construction methods, services and technology.
  • Understand and influence the reality of the housing deficit in our country, exploring alternatives for more affordable housing.
  • Be a leader in solutions to reduce the use of clinker, closely monitoring viable CO2 capture and use initiatives.
  • And explore viable solutions to recycle construction waste.