What innovation means to us

To meet the current and future needs of society, we constantly pursue different innovation solutions for our services and products, working in an ethical and transparent manner, providing a healthy, safe and inspiring work environment for our employees, and promoting sustainability in our operations and the development of the communities where we operate.

Therefore, we treat innovation as a cross-sectional theme and seek to relate and establish strong partnerships within the innovation ecosystem, in an environment that connects our team with startups, suppliers, universities, research centers, governments and investment funds.

We have developed a portfolio of approximately 50 projects aligned with the pillars that support our Digital Strategy: Open Innovation, with the VC Connect program; Platform, with Digital Platform, which improves our collaboration environment; and Relationship, with Digital Relationship, our partnership-based competitive differentiator.

We are confident that this is the way to gain and maintain competitiveness in the medium and long term and to generate value for shareholders, employees and, ultimately, for all of society.

Innovation is one of our key differentiators for the rapid and comprehensive advancement of our solutions, to ensure our permanence and to leave an innovative and sustainable legacy for society.