2018 Integrated Report: Top 10 in the World for the Third Consecutive Year

Our Integrated Report was named one of the top 10 annual and sustainability reports in the world in 2018 in a ranking published by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

This study by Reporting Matters is now in its seventh edition and included 159 leading companies from 19 industries and 34 countries. This year's research points to continued progress in environmental, social and governance (ESG) reports and disclosures, as well as an ongoing movement toward digital reporting. The reports mentioned this year, including ours, focus on governance and risk, strategy and goals, and the role of technology in sustainability reporting.

This is the third consecutive year that our report has been rated as one of the top ten. In 2016, it was voted the best among all reports evaluated worldwide.

The Fruit of Our Energy – The best practice highlighted by WBCSD in our Integrated Report was the case study of açaí pit co-processing in our company's Primavera plant in the Brazilian state of Pará. The use of açai pits as an alternative fuel to generate energy in the process of cement production results in a number of economic and environmental benefits, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, local job creation, income generation, and inclusion of local communities. This success history, titled "The Fruit of Our Energy", was the cover feature of our 2018 Integrated Report.

"In this document, we report on how we manage the issues that make up our sustainable business strategy during the year, encompassing the economic, social, environmental and governance spheres. We show our main advances, impacts and opportunities, while always remaining committed to transparency and ethics in the disclosure of information. The WBCSD survey results show that we are on the right track," says Alvaro Lorenz, our Global Sustainability and Technical Director.