Cementos Cosmos and its employees donated to Toral and Ponferrada Food Bank

Cementos Cosmos and Toral de Los Vados plant employees made a financial donation to food banks Toral and Sil Ponferrada, in Spain. As part of its social responsibility policies, Cementos Cosmos contributed with a value of € 3,000, which was donated only after the collection of a similar value by their employees; to eventually be donated to food banks together. It is the fourth consecutive year that this contribution is made. 

The funds will be used to purchase various products that will later be distributed among NGOs and other social assistance institutions working in the area. The ceremony, which took place on February 18th at the headquarters of the two food banks, was attended by the director of Toral's plant, Jaime Santoalla, and representatives of the trade unions. 

"Since 2012, the factory workers and Cementos Cosmos donated 12,000 euros to alleviate the difficulties of people with few resources . We hope that these collective efforts bring relief to needy families in the region" said Elpidio González, chairman of the union representatives' committee.