Votorantim Cimentos Spain’s Prebetong concrete receives the seal of Concrete Expert from Anefhop

All plants of Prebetong Concrete - company owned by Votorantim Cimentos in Spain - received the certificate of "Concrete Expert" seal of excellence awarded by the Spanish Association of Concrete Manufacturers (Anefhop). This award recognizes the best practices used in the production process in areas such as safety, quality and environmental protection. 

The certification is granted after passing the control performed by inspectors of Anefhop, responsible for evaluating the degree of compliance of the 142 requirements that define the seal of "Concrete Expert". This test extends to the entire production process, from obtaining raw materials (cement, additives, aggregates, etc.) until the end of the chain, through measurement, production, distribution and transport in all its phases. 

From the quality point of view, the certification assures the faithful compliance with the requirements of the EHE -08. In addition, from the environmental point of view, pays special attention so the environmental management is performed above the legal requirements, such as having facilities with zero discharge, optimization waste management and minimization of noise and dust emissions in the process, among other considerations. 

"The granting of this new certificate ensures the competitiveness of our workplaces, incorporating the highest quality standards in all its operational phases", said the director of Prebetong concrete, Pablo Punzón. "In a year that marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the company, we continue making efforts to keep us ahead of the industry and renew our commitment to competitiveness", said the executive.