Votorantim Cimentos’ annual report is featured in international ranking

​The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) released on Tuesday (10/4) its annual assessment of the sustainability reports of its member companies (titled Reporting Matters), which recognized Votorantim Cimentos' report as a global best practice.

The company's integrated annual report, which includes the economic, environmental and social results of last year's operations, received 75 points in its overall evaluation by the WBCSD, a 20% increase from the 2014 results. With this score, the report secured Votorantim Cimentos' position among the top ten global companies evaluated.

As part of this evaluation – which considers 163 companies – Votorantim Cimentos' report also received recognition in the Completeness criterion, one of the categories that acknowledge the companies that are market references. This category considers the report's scope and the performance with regard to relevant issues, i.e., issues comprising the company's entire value chain, especially the material impact that extends beyond its operations.

"The report presents in detail all the accomplishments, achievements, challenges and results in Brazil and abroad throughout the year 2015, reinforcing the company's continued commitment in the search for transparency at all levels," said Patricia Montenegro, Global Manager of Environmental Affairs at Votorantim Cimentos.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development is the world's most important institution in corporate sustainability. It has 60 national and regional councils in 36 countries, from 22 business sectors, and 200 multinational companies operating on every continent.

Click here to access Votorantim Cimentos' complete integrated annual report.