Votorantim Cimentos launches new portfolio of bagged cement in the Brazilian market

Votorantim Cimentos – the industry leader in Brazil and present in 14 countries – is launching in the Brazilian market the biggest innovation of its retailing cement portfolio in 83 years of history. The launch is the result of extensive research that involved over 400 construction professionals, focused on understanding the challenges, difficulties and needs of the various stakeholders of the construction industry. 

The survey identified the challenge faced by all those involved in the construction process to understand the technical norms and the differences in the use of different types of cement, which caused the company to set up a multidisciplinary group to develop a new portfolio of bagged cement from a consumer's standpoint. 

Specific products were developed for each type of construction work: "Obras Estruturais", intended for foundations, columns, beams and structures; "Todas as Obras", the most versatile and suitable cement for plasters, subfloors and slabs; "Obras Básicas", for use on repairs and renovations without structural function; "Obras Especiais", directed for industrial use as pavers, precast and artifacts; "Obras Especiais em Meios Agressivos", developed for coastal areas, pipes and sewage treatment facilities. 

"For the non-specialist consumer, buying cement will be easier, more convenient and safer. For retailers and professional workers, this will bring more confidence in their recommendations, ensuring high quality and productivity at the construction site," explains Walter Dissinger, Global CEO.​

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