Votorantim Cimentos operations in North America take a step forward towards our sustainability commitments

During the month of November, Votorantim Cimentos' North American Operations took two major steps forward to align and advance its sustainability efforts.

While sustainability has always been part of the operating philosophies of our businesses in the U.S. and Canada, earlier this month, VC North America launched the global environmental policy, which marks the first time that all our businesses are united around a common vision for environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Additionally, mid-month, we launched new websites for the North American businesses that include web pages dedicated to showcasing the common sustainability commitment for the customers, communities and other interested parties that visit these sites. The sites define sustainability as respecting the current and future needs of the environment, society and the communities where we work as we maintain our focus on: 

•          Safeguarding our employees' safety and well-being

•          Researching, developing and using eco-efficient processes and advanced materials

•          Managing our environmental footprint

•          Serving customers and expanding our offerings

•          Growing the business 

Each business has its own unique challenges, particularly with the start-up of new operations and the expansion of existing ones. Effectively managing our relationships with local communities has become a focal point as residents raise concerns about everything from dust on their cars to impacts on local parks and wildlife. Our environmental and sustainability groups and local leaders are partnering to alleviate these concerns and position Votorantim Cimentos as a socially conscious company and employer in the minds and hearts of the local residents and communities. 

November was a great month for sustainability at our North American operations. With these new foundational elements in place, we're setting our sites on 2016 and the future - in step with our sister companies across the global Votorantim Cimentos network.​