Votorantim Cimentos receives the 2017 Dr. Clemente Greco Award

For the third consecutive time, Votorantim Cimentos is recognized for an environmental innovation and sustainability project

Votorantim Cimentos' project in clinker replacement and sustainable use of black mud, a residue in nickel production, was recognized at the 2017 Brazilian and Latin American Congress of Cement and Lime. This was the third time that the company received the Dr. Clemente Greco award – this time in the category of Environmental Innovation or Cement Sustainability.

Replacing part of the clinker (a product used in cement manufacturing) with black mud results in a decrease in energy consumption and emissions related to the production of that material. After several tests to ensure that this partial replacement would not cause any impact in the quality of the cement produced, it was found that the resulting product is suitable for high durability construction projects.

Last year, Votorantim Cimentos also won the award, in the category of Environmental Indicators. The Brazilian and Latin American Congress of Cement and Lime is aimed at specialists in the Civil Construction and Cement Industry. It promotes discussions on technologies, innovations and financial and logistical challenges of the sector, and is in line with the fundamental pillars of Votorantim Cimentos: Operational Excellence and Sustainable Practices.

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About the event

CBI Brazil & LatAm is an annual event dedicated to senior technical and commercial executives, as well as opinion makers from the Cement and Lime Industry in Latin America. During the event, leading experts come together to discuss new technologies, innovations and the financial and logistical challenges of the industry. Dr. Clemente Greco, who gives name to the award in a tribute from GMI Global – a company that specializes in industry conferences – was a renowned teacher, engineer and entrepreneur.

About Votorantim Cimentos

Operating in the construction materials business (cement, concrete, aggregates and mortars) since 1933, Votorantim Cimentos is one of the largest global companies in this industry. The company has units strategically located in proximity to the most important growing consumer markets, and operates in 13 countries besides Brazil: Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China, India, Morocco, Peru, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, United States and Uruguay.