We Are Ready for the Recovery

We started 2020 in better financial health and with the approval of a R$ 2 billion investment plan to modernize our plants and increase the competitiveness of our operations.

In an interview for the Brazilian newspaper Valor Econômico, published in January, our CEO Marcelo Castelli explained that we are prepared for the recovery of consumption of our products in the country and we are forecasting a performance growth superior to market levels. According to Castelli, "our greatest ambition is to improve the profitability of our business; therefore, we are investing heavily to increase the competitiveness of our operations."

The article also presented our investment plans for the coming years. We have recently adopted fundamental measures for the sustainability of our businesses. We capitalized R$ 2 billion, provided by Votorantim S.A., for the prepayment of debts. And with a focus on modernizing and increasing the competitiveness of our operations in Brazil, we invested in the expansion of plants and to extend our reach to new areas. One example is our plant in Pecém (CE), where we invested R$ 200 million to increase our capacity by 800,000 tons.

With this expected economic recovery, our goal has been and will continue to be to work with excellence to build an increasingly solid and sustainable Votorantim Cimentos, not only for the market, but for all of society.

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