Recognition of Good Practices in People Management and Diversity

​​Votorantim Cimentos is one of the 150 Best Companies for Good Practices of Personnel Management 2015 Latin America. This recognition took place at the awards of the journal HR Management, on October 5th, in São Paulo.

​​To elect the 150 best, the magazine took into account the ranking of the 500 largest companies in Latin America of Valor Econômico’s newspaper. The evaluated criteria were: Leadership, Diversity, Personal Development, Communication and Quality of Life.

​​The Votorantim Group has also been awarded and was featured in the category Diversity, represented at the event by Alessandra Tucci, Organizational Human Development Manager (DHO) of Votorantim Industrial. The representative of Votorantim Cimentos was the Manager of Training and Development, Maria de Fatima Nascimento Peixoto.

​​“ We work constantly to the evolution of our corporate governance with the Vision One Team, One Company, implementing improved Personnel Management Practices in the countries in which we operate, respecting and encouraging diversity among our people, whether cultural, geographic and social. " says Maria de Fátima.