Votorantim Cimentos is among the companies that most create value for its stakeholders , according to a ranking created by the company DOM Strategy Partners

The ranking “Higher Value Produced by Stakehokder”, created by DOM Strategy Partners company, consultancy focused on corporate strategy, availed the 1,000 largest companies and their performances related to tangible and intangible assets. The research shows the ability of the companies in generating and protecting value not only to themselves, but also for its main stakeholders (clients, shareholders, consumers, employees, society).​​​

The studies that supported the construction of the ranking emerged from interactions and tutoring conducted with different audiences of the banking and financial sector in Brazil, in addition of a subgroup prioritized from the 1,000 largest companies (according to rankings of Valor Economico and Exame).

To get to the final results, DOM Strategy Partners analyzed the assets of the organizations: Effectiveness, Corporate Strategy, Generated Results, Evolutionary Growth, Brand Value, Costumer Relationship Quality, Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Talent Management, Corporate Culture, Innovation, Knowledge and Transformation.​​​

​​​From these factors , a list of companies that produce more business value to their main stakeholders was prepared, divided in “Value for employee”, “Value for Society”, “Value for country”, “Value for Shareholder”, “Value for Clients”, “Value for Consumers” and “Value for the Sector/Chain (B2B)”, in which Votorantim stands out in 3rd place.​