With an installed production capacity of 52.2 million metric tons per year, we are one of the largest cement producers worldwide

Cement may be found in all infrastructure works, from the simplest to the most complex. This includes street furniture, cement blocks, floors, foundations, roofs, large dams, sanitation works, highways, edifications, ports, bridges, art artifacts, concrete; cement is also a basic component of concrete and mortar.​

We have 32 plants and 13 cement grinding mills worldwide (data from 2018), and we are qualified to supply the most varied specifications of cement for constructions of all sizes, as may be seen in the gallery of large constructions in which our products are present.


Our investment in research and development enables us to offer our customers highly specialized cements developed for the most diverse and complex applications.

We have also invested heavily in reducing CO2 emissions in cement production through substituting clinker, the main component of all types of cement, with materials that provide the end product with the same technical properties. One example is pozzolan cement, produced in some of our units in Brazil, and which uses pozzolan as a raw material. Highly resistant and durable, pozzolan is also sustainable: in addition to emitting 50% less CO₂ than clinker in its production process, pozzolan requires 25% less energy, 40% less water, generates 10% less waste, as well as costing 6% less to produce compared with the traditional process.

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