Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, more than 11 thousand MW of energy

When it is inaugurated, the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant in the state of Pará, Brazil, will be the third largest hydroelectric plant in the world, coming after only the Three Gorges, in China, and Itaipu, on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.​​

Its energy generation capacity of 11,200MW will be enough to power a country the size of Argentina, which has more than 41 million inhabitants. The generation project uses run-of-the-river turbine technology, which eliminates the need to form a large reservoir, reducing impacts on the environment and surrounding communities.​​

Belo Monte​

Around 23 thousand metric tones of Votorantim products are being consumed per month in the project, including ground pozzolan, CPI40 and CPIIE32 cements and flyash. The concessionaire responsible for the construction expects the plant to come into operation in 2015. It is estimated that a total of 808,000 metric tons of Votorantim products will be used in the project.​​