CW Bill Young Tampa, the biggest aboveground drinking water reservoir in North Amerca

The CW Bill Young Regional drinking water reservoir in Tampa Bay, United States, came into operation in 2005. With a capacity of 15 billion gallons of water, the CW Bill Young Regional is the largest aboveground reservoir in North America, with sufficient capacity to supply the two million residents of central Florida for more than 200 days. It was built over 1,100 acres and required the movement of 11 million cubic yards of material. The embankment containing the reservoir is 5 miles long.​​

The project used 360,000 cubic yards of soil-cement with an average cement content of 8.5 percent for a total of 48,000 tons of cement. The cement was supplied by Votorantim Cimentos and Suwannee American Cement through our client Eastern Portland Cement.​

CW Bill Young Tampa