Sustainability strategies and targets are defined jointly with our stakeholders.

Open dialogue has been key in drafting sustainability strategies in accordance with our business and with stakeholder expectations.​​

The company'​s close relations with its stakeholders orient its strategies and decision making. The proof of this is the materiality process, which identified the most important sustainability topics not only for the business, but also for stakeholders.

​​In this process, fifteen questions were identified with three topics indicated as major priorities: CO₂ emissions, Occupational Health and Safety, as well as Ethics, Transparency and Integrity. This conclusion was reached after analysis of company and industry documents and interviews with stakeholders.

This work led to the drafting of the company's sustainability strategy.​


Themes ordered according to their relevance in the stakeholder evaluations and decisions, and the importance of the economic, environmental and social impacts of Votorantim Cimentos.