Factory achieves high performance after recovery work

​Work carried out to recover the good performance of our first plant in Brazil reached 94 % in the Quality Index of Products and over 94 % in Overall Equipment Efficiency.

​Santa Helena's plant, located in Votorantim, São Paulo, is very special for us because it marks the beginning of our history, in 1936. Today, it provides technical cement in bulk, meeting the demand of a highly rigorous market.

Between 2010 and 2012, the unit had a low operating performance of the furnaces, with the Products Quality Index (PQI) below 75 % and Ovens Operational Efficiency (OEE) below 65%. To solve the problem, we started in 2013, a recovery project focusing on these two main indicators, the PQI and furnaces OEE.

With the work concluded, the PQI began to show levels higher than 90%, closing the year with a 94% index. The OEE index now has values greater than 94% in all months which no major stops happened. Also in 2013, Santa Helena's plant has obtained 85% OEE rate in clinker kilns, presenting one of the highest growth rates in the year between our plants.

Besides this, with the quality reaching higher levels of performance, from average values of 44 MPa to 50 MPa of compressive strength at 28d resistance, highly demanded parameter by the market.