Technical Partnership

The challenge of managing the conservation of corporate and socio-environmental assets brought together Votorantim Cimentos, the Mata Atlântica Biosphere Reserve (RBMA) and the Brazilian Speleological Society (SBE). The partnership between these three organizations with unique focuses and different worldviews resulted in the creation of an initiative that was unprecedented in this sector: in 2011, the Technical Partnership was born.

The idea is to share knowledge, to promote dialogue to understand different visions and interests and, together, to develop examples and tools that enable sustainable mining. This in turn will help generate the goods and products of this important sector, while conserving and valuing the flora, fauna, caves, water, and all environmental services of social interest within production units and their surrounding environments.

Credits of the Partnership video:

Produced by: Vídeo Delivery  

Directed by: Rodrigo Zazá

Research and Script: Rodrigo Zazá

Video editing: Rodrigo Zazá, Samuel Hall, David Emidio

Images: Rodrigo Zazá, Gustavo Capanema and Clayton Ferreira Lino

Portuguese narrator: Almeida Neto

English narrator: Jason Bermingham