Project in Turkey substitutes ground water with rainwater, protecting the water table

Depending on ground water, especially in rural areas, has become a growing environmental concern in Turkey. For this reason, we decided not to request authorization to use ground water, seeking an alternative that would definitively eliminate the need for this natural resource in our plants in the country.​​

The solution was to harvest and reuse rainwater in our plants at Yozgat, Çorum and Sivas. To make this possible, the plants were restructured with the installation of new channels that converge towards concrete water storage tanks built at the lowest points on the sites. As a result, the Yozgat plant, for example, uses rainwater for more than 48% of its needs. The results could not be better: we have managed to help the environment and reduce use of the water table in the operation of our plants.

Main goals: To reduce groundwater consumption in the activities of Yozgat, Çorum and Sivas Plants in Turkey, in order to mitigate environmental impacts in the area.

Generated Benefits: Decrease in groundwater use, contributing to the preservation of the water table in the region.​