Social program supports towns with up to 50,000 inhabitants

The town of Cantagalo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro was chosen as a pilot for our program to support public administration. With 20,000 inhabitants, Cantagalo was contemplated the two fronts of the program: Public Management and Infrastructure Modernization, the latter being dedicated to sanitation - the most urgent need in the region.​​

​​The project involved economists, geographers, engineers, communicators, administrators and experts in basic sectors such as health, education and social assistance. To build the diagnosis, we collected data and conducted visits, meetings and interviews.

​​In 2013, the sanitation project was presented to the National Health Foundation (Funasa), selected and licensed by the State Ministry of Environment. In Q1 2014 Cantagalo obtained funding of nearly R$ 15 million from Funasa to carry out works of collection and treatment of sewage. This achievement has even greater value when you consider that 70 % of the towns fail to win federal funds for sanitation projects for lack of a plan.

Main goals: support the prefectures of small towns in the implementation of projects for modernization of management and reduced infrastructure deficits.

Generated Benefits 14 towns with up to 50,000 inhabitants each, aided.

​​In the work focused on modernization of management, the planning contemplated from the management of the public budget to the conditions of service to population. The creation of projects took into consideration actions such as the purchase of georeferencing systems, computerization of health care, building a call center for citizens, and the need to review the Tax and Zoning Codes.

The town of Cantagalo was only the first step of this great initiative. Currently, the program has been expanded to all regions of the country, has five specialized consulting and 14 towns in the program.​​

​Cement Plant in Cantagalo(RJ)​​