Substitution of material drives 50% reduction in CO₂ emissions

​​In Brazil we pioneered the production of artificial pozzolan, an innovative technology that reduces CO₂ emissions, one of the main greenhouse gases.

Pozzolan was the result of the unceasing efforts of our team in its pursuit of a substitute for clinker, the main component of all types of cement but also a major source of CO₂. Highly resistant and durable, pozzolan's differential is its sustainability, which enabled us to reduce the use of clinker in our processes by 35%.

In addition to emitting 50% less CO₂ during production, pozzolan requires 25% less energy, 40% less water, generates 10% less waste, as well as reducing production costs by 6% compared with the traditional process.

Two of our units have had pozzolan kilns since 2009: Porto Velho (Rondônia) and Nobres (Mato Grosso). The former has been supplying this cement to about 200 customers per month, with a total monthly volume commercialized of approximately 560 thousand metric tons.

The experience in Porto Velho was recognized by Finep – Inovação e Pesquisa (Innovation and Research) - as one of the best examples of sustainable corporate development in Brazil.

Main Goals​: To develop a substitute for clinker, the main component in all types of cement, but also a major source of CO₂ emissions.

Generated Benefits: Lower CO₂ emissions and waste generation, in addition to energy and water savings and lower costs.