The city of Primavera, in Brazil, receives the company's largest social investment

R$10 million are invested in social projects, infrastructure, basic sanitation, education, health, public administration, foment for production chains and culture, in addition to an agreement with the state government to improve public security in Primavera.​​

Our arrival in Primavera, a town with just 10 thousand inhabitants in the northeast of Pará, in Brazil, took place before we even began building our factory there. One of our first measures in the town was the Technical Cooperation Agreement signed in 2011 between us, the Instituto Votorantim (Votorantim Institute) and the city government with the objective of boosting the city's social and economic development.

The agreement invo​lves an investment of R$ 10 million, of which 80% is earmarked for projects in seven areas: infrastructure and basic sanitation, education, health, social actions, improving public administration, promotion of the production chain and culture. Education is a priority, with investments exceeding R$ 4 million. The money is being used, for example, to rebuild the Primavera municipal library and two municipal schools with a capacity of 800 students.

Another 20% of the funds are being invested in Primavera's public security through an agreement between the Pará Public Security Department and Votorantim Cimentos. Know other actions that have already been executed or are still in progress:

Primavera is one of the cities benefiting from the PVE – Votorantim Partnership for Education Program. This is an initiative in partnership with the Instituto Votorantim (Votorantim Institute) aimed at enhancing public education in Primavera through community mobilization and improved educational management practices.​

Infrastructure and basic sanitation
We have partnered with the local government in the drafting and approval of the municipal steering plan. We are also supporting the development of the town's sewage plan with the production of a hydrogeological study to guarantee long-term water supplies.

In this area, in addition to the donation of an ambulance to the municipal health department in 2014, we are working on the construction of a clinic.

Training of public administration
The review of government planning and modernization of municipal public administration are initiatives that we support.

Fomenting production chains
To promote family agriculture and smallholders, we are partnering with SEBRAE, SENAR and the local government in the implantation of an agro ecological cooperative benefiting 30 families. In addition to the donation of a 45 hectare area for production, we provide agricultural kits and are electrifying the area. Furthermore, we offer agricultural training courses.

The Primavera's municipal library will be complemented with an archeology museum.

Main goals​: To provide long-term support for the development of the city of Primavera in Brazil, working on diverse fronts to improve quality of life in the town and the surrounding region.

Generated Benefits: Support for infrastructure and social development in Primavera, a city with just over 10 thousand inhabitants. ​​​