Cementos Artigas, a Partnership Between Votorantim Cimentos and Cementos Molins, Inaugurates State-of-the-art Grinding and Dispatch Operations in Uruguay

  • Investment of approximately US$40 million will result in cost efficiency and improved environmental and sustainability indicators.
  • The project concentrates Cementos Artigas’ operations in the city of Minas (100 kilometers from Montevideo) and establishes the company as the main player in the Uruguayan cement market.


Minas (Uruguay), January 19, 2023 – Cementos Artigas, a partnership between the Brazilian Votorantim Cimentos and the Spanish Cementos Molins, is opening today its new cement grinding and dispatch facilities in the city of Minas, Uruguay. The project unifies Cementos Artigas’ industrial activities in the country by concentrating its industrial operations in Minas (100 kilometers from the capital Montevideo), where its limestone deposit is also located.

The new integrated production line uses state-of-the-art equipment and is much more efficient and sustainable. Project highlights include a new high-efficiency vertical cement mill, a multi-cell silo and modern, high-throughput bulk shipment equipment. These improvements will enable Cementos Artigas to continue expanding its product portfolio while reducing its carbon footprint. The cement produced at the new plant has the high quality that is already recognized in the Uruguayan market, with the additional benefit of consuming much less energy in its production process.

The project received investments of approximately US$40 million over the last 18 months and created 300 jobs during its construction phase. In addition, the company kept its staff, offering to transfer employees to the new facilities in the city of Minas. Moving inland also contributes to the decentralization of activities in the country, leveraging regional development and economic and social benefits for local communities.

The new integrated operation in Minas provides gains in competitiveness thanks to the reduction of electricity consumption and production and logistics costs. The project also has advantages in terms of sustainability, including more efficient new facilities, reduced shipment needs and the relocation of industrial activities out of Montevideo’s urban center.

In the opinion of Votorantim Cimentos’ COO, Osvaldo Ayres Filho, this expansion in Brazil’s neighboring country is very positive. “We are inaugurating an efficient and competitive operation, in line with our growth strategy in Uruguay, which will help us achieve our 2030 Sustainability goals thanks to our clear commitment to being close to our customers and providing high-quality services,” said Ayres Filho.

For Cementos Artigas’ General Director of Operations, Federico Gutiérrez, the expansion brings gains in competitiveness and sustainability for the company and the market. “This investment enables us to continue being the largest, most competitive and most sustainable cement company in the country. The new cement plant consumes up to 40% less energy than the older one. By centralizing logistics in Minas, we will reduce our CO2 emissions from our logistics and transport activities. Thanks to this investment and the numerous circular economy programs we have been developing for several years, we will continue to manufacture cement with the lowest carbon footprint in the country,” said Gutiérrez.

The project will soon be completed with the installation of a modern logistics center and offices in the metropolitan area.