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Agricultural Inputs

Everything worthwhile should last. And it should​​ last a long time.

Our products are made to last. We are committed to building lasting relationships.

The diversity of our product and service portfolio enables us to offer the best solutions for all types of construction, from the foundation to the finish. More than just providing a full portfolio, we strive to continually improve service levels for customers to develop the best solutions and innovations with them and for them.

Our cements, concretes, aggregates and mortars may be found in major constructions all over the world, such as the Maracanã stadium in Brazil; the Darlington nuclear power plant in Canada; and Solucar, the largest solar energy platform in Europe, among many others. But we are not only present in large scale projects – our work may also be found in places that provide shelter, knowledge and services for people. Works that have been seen and used for many years, and which will be present for many future generations. Because we believe that everything worthwhile should last. And last for ever!

From foundations to finishing, we offer solutions for all types of construction.

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Agricultural Inputs




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