We have made long-term commitments to grow, while respecting society.

Sustainability is a driver of our business‚Äč‚Äč

By 2050, there will be 9 billion people in the world. We want to help build the foundation for this populational growth to take place in a sustainable way.

We are a sustainable building materials and solutions company. We seek long-term growth with value creation and continuous competitiveness through solutions and initiatives that generate a positive impact for the company and society. As leaders in the building materials industry in Brazil, and with major operations around the world, we grow, innovate and increase our operational efficiency using sustainability as a strategic driver.

We have a long history in this constant pursuit of more advanced technologies to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency and ensure the health, safety and well-being of our employees, to reduce our environmental footprint and promote the social and environmental development of the communities where we operate.

Our vision of the future is built around the concept of ‚Äúflexible solidity‚ÄĚ: we are an established company that operates with excellence, safety, ethics and integrity, and, at the same time, has the flexibility needed to modernize and adapt to the fast changes happening in the world and with regard to people‚Äôs needs. Everything we do is geared toward generating a positive and long-term impact, as an increasingly sustainable company that creates long-term value for all stakeholders by aligning our operations with current and future demands of society.

Sustainability is one of our strategic drivers and our strategy is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), integrating the SDGs into our activities helps us to ensure the future success of our business

Pillars that guide our sustainable strategy

We pursue excellence in our work, and that includes sustainability. To ensure that sustainability guides our actions, we have designed four strategic pillars that govern each sustainable aspect of our work.

Our commitments 2030

Social Transformation

We are part of the communities in which we are present and we are clear that one of our main objectives is to develop them by generating job opportunities, increasing income and expanding educational opportunities.


We manage the impacts of our operations and work to make them increasingly sustainable. We seek to eliminate waste, revalue by-products from other industries and expand the use of renewable resources, with the aim of reducing our environmental footprint.
Corporative Governance.

Environment Global Policy

Competitiveness and Innovation

To meet the current and future needs of society, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions for our products and services. This is a cross-cutting theme within our company that is facilitated through partnerships with startups, suppliers, universities and research centers.

This is the path to gain competitiveness with sustainability and leave a positive legacy for society. And the speed at which these changes are being implemented is increasing. Therefore, we believe in the importance of implementing a culture of innovation and conveying to our teams the idea that we are not afraid of making mistakes, since this is part of a company’s evolution process.

Caring for people

Our journey is one of courage, of moving and supporting lives and careers; we are one united team in all 11 countries where we are present. We renew our plans and commitments to people on a continual basis and we are a team willing to dream and fight for what we want to build.

Our VC Way guides us in doing what is right, respecting and including people as they are, valuing and learning from differences and delivering results in an ethical and respectful way.
We want our employees to identify and take advantage of opportunities to simplify, test new possibilities, increase inclusion and act with ownership. We know that achieving our future business ambition will be challenging, but we are convinced that we have the right people to thrive, with the courage to provoke, transform and go beyond.


We believe in transparent relationships, so we make our documents available for download. Download our files to learn more about our company and our sustainability initiatives.‚Äč