name Agricultural Inputs

Agricultural Inputs

A variety of solutions, such Calcário Itaú, Cal Fértil, Zincal 200 e Gesso Itaú

Agricultural Inputs

Countries where it is produced

  • Brazil

We have 7 production units.

Votorantim Cimentos has been investing in the agricultural sector since 1986, when it first introduced the “Calcário Itaú” line of Agricultural Inputs, seeking to meet all the requirements of a market in constant technical evolution.

We currently have an industrial park with the largest installed capacity of agricultural limestone production in the market, which makes us the largest company in this industry in Brazil!

One of our great competitive advantages is the location of our deposits, which are strategically distributed throughout Brazil.

We produce soil acidity correctors and nutrients, aiming to offer greater productivity for crops.

*Currently only available in Brazil