Our Commitments 2030

Building a Sustainable Future.

Our pillars of action in sustainability​​

Our sustainability strategy is based on seven pillars and includes ambitious goals that are detailed in the 2030 Commitments document.

Our vision for the future is built around a concept we call “flexible solidity”. It captures the idea that we are a mature, long-term company that operates with excellence, safety, ethics and integrity and, at the same time, remains flexible to modernize and adapt to the needs of society, positively impacting people’s lives.

As leaders in the building materials industry in Brazil and one of the most important companies in this sector internationally, we seek to grow, innovate and increase the operational efficiency of our business, using sustainability as one of our strategic drivers.

This means offering eco-efficient and innovative construction materials and services to our customers; working in an ethical and transparent manner, in accordance with laws and regulations; providing a healthy, safe and inspiring work environment for our employees; and promoting the development of the communities where we operate so that they can prosper.

To operate in line with these commitments, we have set ambitious goals on several areas, based on the following pillars:

Integrity & Tranparency

We believe that the path to operational excellence is directly connected with ensuring high standards of compliance, ethics and transparency; therefore, we make every effort to ensure that these premises are always part of the company’s reality and everyday activities.
We are fully committed to legal and regulatory compliance and to ethical conduct in our operations. And to reinforce the importance of compliance principles in our culture, since 2013 we have maintained our Compliance Program, which is based on our values, management beliefs and code of conduct.

Code of Conduct Compliance Program Ethics Line

Safety & Health

We respect life in all its forms, promoting a healthy and safe environment for everyone around us. We understand that there is no excellence or competitive performance without taking into account health, well-being and safety. Therefore, these are nonnegotiable values for us.

To protect our most valuable asset — our people — we set ambitious goals to prevent injuries, eliminate fatalities and promote a work environment that is increasingly safe and accident-free. We have a Política Global de Segurança e Saúd and the Regras Pela Vi ; we manage these issues globally and monitor and provide specific training locally.

Life-saving Rules Global Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Innovation & Solutions

We pave the future of civil construction through a simple, fast and sustainable approach. We propel the cement industry toward clean technologies and processes, increasingly aligned with the preservation of natural resources. We understand innovation as a fundamental part in the process to increase the sustainability of our products; our ambition is to consistently grow our portfolio of sustainable solutions.

We treat innovation as a cross-cutting theme and seek to establish relationships and solid partnerships that aim to meet the current and future needs of society, fulfilling our role in pursuit of a balanced and healthy environment for future generations.

Diversity & Inclusion

We understand that we have a fundamental role in promoting diversity and inclusion, as well as in fighting for equal opportunities. An environment that reflects these efforts only offers benefits to companies, through the promotion of diverse and inspiring ideas, while helping to build a more inclusive and equity-based society.

To solidify our position, in 2019 we released our Manifesto pela Diversidade through which we reiterate our commitment to a diversity agenda supported by four pillars:

  • Fighting discrimination;
  • Respect for people;
  • Leadership training;
  • Environment that offers everyone the opportunity to express themselves without fear.

We believe that what makes us equal is the certainty of knowing that we are different and that respect for our uniqueness is what will enable us to become increasingly better.

Reducing our Environmental footprint

We manage the impacts of our operations and work to make them increasingly sustainable, thereby reducing our pressure on the environment and natural resources.
We believe that cement production should use clean technologies, and that is why we invest in research and development to create new technologies and improve existing ones, promoting eco-efficiency in our processes and products. In addition, we are committed to protecting water sources and biodiversity through the management of protected areas and plans to recover degraded areas.

We also recognize the role of our industry in the development of products that enable construction projects to be carbon neutral, an objective we are committed to achieve by 2050.

Circular Business Environment

We adopt a regenerative approach in the way we do business, seeking to eliminate waste, repurpose by-products from other industries and increase the use of renewable resources.
Through , we reuse the energy of industrial, urban and biomass waste, which would otherwise go to landfills, generating methane and posing risk of contaminating soils and groundwater. We also consume by-products from other industries, such as slag and fly ashes, which find a sustainable purpose in cement and concrete production.

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Communities and shared value

We are part of the communities where we operate and sell our products. We believe in the transformative power of our people and our products, and we are committed to generating shared value and improving people’s lives.

With operations in 11 countries, on four continents, with more than 200 industrial units, we are in direct contact with numerous communities with diverse knowledge and cultures. In all regions where we operate, we maintain important partnerships, understand the particular needs of each region, and accept and respect their specific characteristics.

We work to find solutions to address the quality of life of families in vulnerable conditions, in addition to including them in our value chain, boosting local businesses and providing employment opportunities for residents of these locations.

Our efforts are strengthened by transparent channels for dialogue with these communities and by the active participation of our employees through, for example, volunteer initiatives around the world.

Our 2030 sustainibility commitments

Our 2030 goals for each of our strategic pillars are detailed in the 2030 Sustainability Commitments document.

For more details on our sustainability practices, access our 2023 Integrated Report.