Evolving is Our Brand

We are a global building materials and sustainable solutions company. We grew and expanded our operations and developed products and services to increase our competitiveness and meet the needs of society. To capture our transformation, in 2022 we launched our new corporate branding: more contemporary and diverse. It symbolizes the diversity of our people, products and businesses combined with tradition, innovation and a vision of the future.

Our Production Process and the Circular Economy

Our business model is designed to capture value for all our stakeholders, in a systematic and circular way, ensuring longterm development and the creation of economic opportunities, and environmental and social benefits. The concept of a circular economy is incorporated into all of our production processes and replaces the end-of-life concept through the reduction, alternative reuse and recovery of processes and materials to reduce waste, optimize goods and assets and increase effectiveness.

  • Mining
  • Grinding
  • Clinker production
  • Cement grinding
  • Distribution

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Decarbonization pillars

Our commitment in line with the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) is to reach a net emission of 475 kg of CO2/tonne of cementitious product by 2030. To fulfill our new commitment, our decarbonization strategy is based on four main pillars:


Substitution of fossil fuels used in cement production kilns for other materials, especially biomass and different sources of waste.

Cementitious product

Substitution of clinker for by-products from other industries, including blast furnace slag and fly ash from thermoelectric plants, in addition to other cementitious materials, such as calcined clay, natural pozzolans and other materials.

Energy efficiency

Optimization of the production process, use of renewable energy sources and investment in plant efficiency.

New technologies

Use of innovative processes and new materials, dematerialization of the value chain, carbon capture, utilization and storage, and partnerships with various entities and academia to increasingly optimize resources and reduce carbon intensity.


In 2022 we achieved:

579 kg

 of net CO2 emissions – reduction of 3% compared to 2021


clinker factor/cement


of alternative fuels


of renewable energy


With a focus in cost management, we achieved solid and lasting results.

R$ 25.8
billion Net revenue
R$ 4.9 billion
adjusted EBITDA
R$ 1.1 billion
net profit
R$ 2,5 billion
in gross debt with sustainability-linked KPIs

Caring for people



We promote a culture of safety and continually invest in preventing injuries, eliminating fatalities and ensuring a safe work environment. We achieved the secound consecutive year with zero fatalities in our operations and we had our lowest accident frequency rate in recent years.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

Our Diversity Allies Groups continued to meet, which work to create opportunities for dialogue and to propose initiatives to advance the topic of diversity within the organization.

Encouraging women participation

Encouraging women participation

Aligned with our commitment to increase the participation of women in leadership positions to 25% by 2030, we have several programs and initiatives in all regions, like Women at VC Strategy, Reliability Engineer Program, Mentoring Program for Black Women, Evolving Women program, and Equality Plan. In 2022, we increased our percentage of women in leadership positions in all regions, to a global total of 21%.

Competitiveness and inovation

We defined an innovation strategy that aims to pave the way for the future of civil construction in a simple, agile and sustainable manner.

Our global Working Groups continued to work to address significant issues for the organization, namely: new technologies, alternative fuels and raw materials, clinker factor reduction and carbon capture and storage technologies.

At VCNA, we joined Plug & Play, an ecosystem that catalyzes technological advancement by connecting blue chip corporations with a network of 30,000 of the brightest startups across the globe.

Positive Legacy

We continued to invest in social transformation projects, totaling R$ 18.1 million globally. We prioritized initiatives connected to the business (e.g., social housing), efforts to strengthen public management and improve education, and others aligned with local needs and priorities.

We are present in more than 300 locations around the world and we act with respect for human rights, valuing diversity and promoting culture, education and protection of the rights of children and adolescents.

By the end of 2022 we reached

of operations with community engagement
of employees engaged in volunteer initiatives
local supply

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