Our evolution journey continues

October 04, 2023, 02:41 PM

A year ago we launched our new corporate brand: more contemporary, plural and representing the diversity of our people, products and businesses, combining tradition, innovation and looking to the future. Check out our achievements in the last 365 days since we introduced our new VC brand to the world

Over the past year, we invested and advanced on several fronts: we revitalized our corporate brand, advanced our sustainability commitments, were recognized for our diversity initiatives, launched products, innovated in services and reinforced our operational excellence. We are an 87-year-old global building materials and sustainable solutions company, present in 11 countries, offering services and products in the construction, agribusiness, waste management, circular economy and logistics markets. And we have a lot to celebrate.

In this small section of our history, we have 365 opportunities to experience Our Way VC, the culture that guides everything we do and believe. Through Our Way of Being, Ethical and Human, we base our daily actions and efforts on #safety and health, #ethics and diversity and #frank dialogue. Our Way of Doing reveals that we can do it together, represented by our principles #customer focus, #simplicity and trust and #taking responsibility. Which leads us to Our Way of Going Beyond, with courage to transform, highlighting our passion for #learning and evolving, #lasting results and #positive legacy.

To relive some of these achievements, celebrate our evolution and prepare for the future, we prepared the special video below. After all, evolving is our brand, evolving is VC, evolving is Our VC Way!

Click and check out our main achievements from last year: : https://youtu.be/tU-MxyvhFg4