Program held in Rio Branco do Sul receives certification seal Millennium Development Goals

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September 29, 2022, 07:57 PM

Sesi-PR (Industry Social Service), trough “Movimento Nós Podemos Paraná”, which seeks to recognize and disseminate good practices to achieve UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG), realized the 5th edition of the MDG seal. ​​

The acknowledgment will be delivered at the 8th Sesi Parana’s Congress, realized at FIEP (Federation of Paraná State Industry). ReDes program contributes to the consolidation and sustainable growth of Vale da Ribeira Food Distribution Center.​​

The National Movement for Citizenship and Solidarity – “Nós Podemos Paraná”, articulated by Sesi-PR and with the support of several local institutions, aim to recognize and divulge good practices to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The certification recognizes projects undertaken by public, private and third sector institutions in Paraná. In all, 208 companies and institutions entered the 5th edition , with 187 approved.​​

​​About the Food Distribution Center

​​The Distribution Center integrates the ReDes Program (Networks for sustainable development), which has BNDES (National Bank of Development) , Votorantim Institute and Votorantim Cimentos support since 2012, when the project began. “Encouraging family farming products trade is a way to create new opportunities for increased income, besides contributing to the professionalization of farmers “, said Mario Fontoura , Operations Director of the Votorantim Cimentos’ Southern Region.

In Rio Branco do Sul and Itapeçuru ReDes, R$1,5 million were invested in the work of construction of space, seed-plots, as well as purchase of equipment and vehicles. In the Center, processing and commercialization of food is performed , from washing to the cutting and packaging of fruits and vegetables.​​

In all, 300 families of farmers, associated in ACARS (Association of the Agricultural Council of Rio Branco do Sul) and APRAFI (Association of Producers in Itapeçuru’s Family Agriculture) are benefited with the Food Distribution Center, with an average increase of R$117 in the associate farmers income.​​

​​The inauguration of the Center contributed to the professionalization and food supply with higher quality. “This partnership is fundamental. Family farming has market to commercialization, but we needed to structure our Central and professionalize the work , “explains Alexandre Scelinski , president of ACARS association.

Entre os objetivos do projeto relacionados aos ODM (Objetivos de Desenvolvimento do Milênio) estão “Acabar com a fome e a miséria”, “Qualidade de vida e respeito ao meio ambiente”, e “Todo mundo trabalhando pelo desenvolvimento”.​​

​​Among the Project objectives related to MDG (Millennium Development Goals) are “Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger”, “Ensure Environmental Sustainability” and “Global Partnership for Development”.