We launched our 2023 Integrated Report

March 21, 2024, 09:55 AM

Annually, in line with the best practices of transparency and respect for society, we present our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance over the last year, in addition to economic and financial highlights. 

The document presents our journey of evolution and brings together numbers and data that demonstrate the importance of people, innovation, products and businesses in building a more sustainable future, with fundamental initiatives to continue our journey of transformation, always aligned with Our VC Way and reinforcing Our Way of Going Beyond, with Courage to Transform. 

We also share strategies, goals, impacts, performance, risks and opportunities of all our operations in the different markets in which we operate, in addition to presenting the progress made in relation to our Sustainability Commitments for 2030. 

The theme of this edition follows the visual line of our Evolving Towards a Sustainable World campaign, which we launched last year. This is the guiding thread of the document, that reminds us that sustainability is part of our daily lives – it is in caring for the environment, in diversity and inclusion, in safety, in voluntary activities, in the passion for operating, in the search for quality and for doing it well, with respect for people, in Our Way of Being, Doing and Going Beyond. This journey of evolution is reflected in the content and also on the cover of the publication, in which we merge our people, operations, locations and products around the world. 

We are, with great pride, a global company of building materials and sustainable solutions. We grow and expand our operations, developing products, services and solutions to increase our competitiveness, generate a positive impact and meet the needs of society. Every day, we have the opportunity to accomplish something new, creating changes, without erasing our history. 

Want to know more? Check out our 2023 Integrated Report here.